Buy Vacation Property near Bangalore

Are you looking for a holiday home in or around Bangalore, Karnataka? Want to buy a vacation home or build your own, just a short drive from Bangalore city? Check out the vacation properties for sale at the beautiful Divine Euphoria Holiday Farmland property.

Plots Currently on Sale

15120 sq ft (14 guntas) Farmland plot for sale. Ideal for building your vacation home.
Plot#: 0155, Survey#: 176, Plot Size: 9 Gunthas, Price: 46.5 Lakhs for 14 gunta plot
15,120 sq ft of Farmland plot for sale ideal for building vocation home planted with trees. Plot#: 0155, 155A, 155B, all together in a single plot. Survey#: 175/176, Plot Size: 14 Gunthas, Price: 46.5 lakh for 14 guntas. It is well fenced with Gate. North-east facing corner plot with 4 full grown Neem trees, 30+ teak wood, mango, chiku, guava, custard apple, pomegranate etc. Syntex water tank with water connection. Situated at the foot of the hill with a beautiful view of hills. Next to temple and library. Contact: Sanjoy Das, Phone: 9845480279, Email:
Contact: Sanjoy Das, Phone: 9845480279, Email:
5,444 Aq ft of Farmland plot for sale ideal for building vocation home planted with trees
Plot#: 0405, Survey#: 247, Plot Size: 5 Gunthas, Price: 16.5 lakh for 5 gunthas
5,444 Aq ft of Farmland plot for sale ideal for building vocation home planted with trees: 5 Gunthas of Farmland in survey number 247/4 is ready for sale. It is well fenced with Gate. This plot is close to proposed Tree-top
Contact: Santhosh Kumar Kasetty, Phone: 9902977233, Email:
7178 sq. ft. fenced farmland plot for sale.
Plot#: 0321, Survey#: 257, Plot Size: 6.75 Gunthas, Price: 15 Lakhs
The Farmland plot is a total of 7178 sq ft (6.12 guntha) is neatly fenced. It has teak and silver oak trees on the border and couple of mango trees inside. A water pipeline is connected to the plot. Single ownership registration with all tax paid till date. Registered with the Association with all maintenance fee paid.
Contact: Sachin Shetty, 9341308464,
Selling my 12 guta plot
Plot#: 0256, Survey#: 181, Plot Size: 12 Gunthas, Price: 24L for 12 gutas
I am planning to sell my 12 guta site. Please let me know
Contact: Ramesh Hegde, Phone: 9845902911, Email:
3200 Sq Ft of Farm Land for Sale. Make your own retreat from Bangalore
Plot#: 0543, Survey#: 245, Plot Size: 3 Gunthas, Price: 3 guntas 8.0 Lakhs
This plot is near the Canteen.
Contact: Chavali Surya Prakasam, Phone: 9886366072, Email:
8 gunta farmland plot for sale
Plot#: 0240, Survey#: 179, Plot Size: 8 Gunthas, Price: 25 Lakh for 8 gunta
As is where is basis; no plantation done yet.
Contact: Paresh Ashara, Phone: 9739093980, Email:
Selling 4 Guntas adjacent to water channel
Plot#: 0237, Survey#: 179, Plot Size: 4 Gunthas, Price: Rs.326,000/- per Gunta

Contact: N Byrappa, Phone: 9341441707, Email:

Holiday Properties for Sale in Bangalore at Divine Euphoria Farmland

Some of the owners are interested in selling their plots in Divine Euphoria Farmland. Divine Euphoria Owners' Association (DEOA) has approved the sale of the following plots. Prospective buyers may contact the individual owners and discuss the options. Some owners may have already built a vacation cottage in their plots and others may have vacant plots with trees/plants.

What is Divine Euphoria Farmland Project?

Spread across an area of about 150 acres of farmland and surrounded by mountains and hills all around, Divine Euphoria is a beautiful vacation home project where people can buy farm plots at affordable cost and build their own vacation cottage. It is one of a kind project with about 300 customers already invested their time and money to build their dream vacation destination.

Divine Euphoria vacation property includes about 300 individual plots. 90% of the plots are already sold and many of them have already built their vacation home. Others are in using their plots for organic farming and enjoying their week-ends with various activities. Many are in the process of planning and building their holiday cottages.

Frequenty Asked Questions

  1. Can we buy this property for agriculture and earn income?
    Yes, you can. Many are doing the same. But the primary purpose of this property is to enjoy the farming and holidays here.
  2. Can I build my own vacation home in my own design?
    Yes, once you acquire a plot here, you can free to build your own vacation home in your own design, subject to the restrictions of farmland.
  3. Is it mandatory to join the Divine Euphoria Owners' Association to own a plot/vacation cottage here?
    Yes, membership in DEOA is mandatory to buy/sell plots in this vacation property. You also need to pay a nominal monthly maintenance fee to the association in order to be part of the owners association.
  4. What are the amenities available in this farmland project?
    The developers of this project has promised to build swimming pool, club house, walking trails, library, Yoga centre, pets, various small rides, canteen, kids play ground, animal pet center etc. Some of them are already operations and many others are in the pipeline.