Divine Euphoria Vacation Property - Membership & Payments

The plot owners who do not join the Divine Euphoria Owners Association (DEOA) may be denied services and access to common facilities in the farmland. Late fees will be applicable for those who join late or delay the fees payment.

All customers of Divine Euphoria project have to pay 3 types of fees:

1. Membership Fee: This is a one time fee, to be paid by every customer who joins the association. Currently, the membership application fee is Rs 1000, which is subject to increase soon. Once you pay the membership fee, you will be issued a Membership Number.

2. Common Maintenance Fee (Mandatory, Rs 60 per gunta per month): This is a mandatory fee for all customers of Divine Euphoria project. This fee has
to be paid at the rate of Rs 60 per gunta per month, starting from July 2015, irrespective of the date of joining the association. Late fees may be applicable in future. Those who got the plot registered after July 2015 need to pay only from the month the plot was registered. This fee covers only the
common expenses like salary for security staff, salary for site manager (admin on site), general association expenses etc. This does not cover any
particular maintenance of individual plots.

3. Individual Plot Maintenance Fees (Optional, Rs 140 per gunta per month): This is an optional fees, to be paid by customers who want their plots to be
taken care by Divine Developers. The rate for plot maintenance is Rs 140 per gunta per month. This fee must be paid quarterly to the association
and association will hand over this to Divine Developers on quarterly basis. Association cannot ensure your plot is taken care well but you can
contact Mr. Ravi, our admin in the farmland and take his help to monitor the progress and maintenance activities. The role of admin and association is more of monitoring and reporting and not the implementation of plot maintenance services. The actual implementation of plot-maintenance is the responsibility of Divine Developers. Association is facilitating the collection of the fees for Divine Developers and the association doesn't take any responsibility if Divine Developers fail to meet the expectation of members who paid this fee. If customers are not happy with the maintenance, they may get in touch with Divine Developers directly or cancel the services. Also, if you are stopping the maintenance service from Divine Developers due to poor service, please let the association know so that we can withhold any unpaid amount to Divine Developers. As per Divine Developers, the plot maintenance will include plantation in the plots, watering, weeding, fertilizing, pruning of trees and other regular maintenance required for the plantation.

How to pay the fee:

1. To make the payment to DEOA, you must be a member of the association. If you are not a member yet, skip to the "Membership" section in the bottom.

2. Click here to make the payment to the association. You will be promoted to login. If you do not know the password,
you can use the "Recover Password" option. If you do not have an account yet, please contact the association.


If you haven't joined the association yet, please fill the membership application form, sign it and send to us by email (my.divine.euphoria@gmail.com) or post.

After we confirm the receipt of your payment, we will issue you a membership number and you will be able to access various services of this online portal.

Please see detailed instructions in the second page of Association Membership Form.

Contact Details:

Please see the contact details to send the membership application form.